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USPA™ is an Xball™ league that has the passion to organize and structure paintball as other sports.  We want to see the league develop across the country and only allow the clubs to advance who have earned... READ OUR BIO >>



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2012-05-28 Administrator Latest news

New Video

Novice Division USPA 2012 ...

2011-12-16 Administrator Latest news

USPA Raw footage "Erie Land Sharks"

Filmed during the first year of the USPA™ by the Erie Land Sharks at PPSC in Pittsburgh, PA.  Erie took f...

2011-12-13 Administrator Latest news

"Original" Xball is Back!

Traditional Xball™ is back in the United States offering 50 and 40  minute matches.  During these m...

2011-12-30 Administrator Latest news


Go Green, BUY PROCAPS! ...


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upcoming EVENTS

  • 18MAY

    Batavia, NY

    USPA - Legacy Paintball Park

  • 25MAY

    Plattsburgh, NY

    USPA - Legacy Paintball Park

  • 15JUNE

    Batavia, NY

    USPA - Legacy Paintball Park

  • 29JUNE

    Cream Ridge, NY

    USPA - Top Gun Paintball

  • 6JULY

    Plattsburgh, NY

    USPA- Legacy Paintball Park

  • 20JULY

    Cream Ridge, NJ

    USPA - Top Gun Paintball



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